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RE&PQJ-4 ISSN 2172-038X


Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal, Vol. 1, No.4,

April 2006


RE&PQJ-4 Index



201 Summary/Abstract

Review of the islanding phenomenon problem for connection of renewable energy systems.
Hector Beltran, Francisco Gimeno, Salvador Seguí-Chilet and Jose M. Torrelo

206 Summary/Abstract

Analytical investigation of induction motor drive under DC-link voltage ripple in voltage source inverter.
J. Klima

214 Summary/Abstract

Optimization of a wind turbine using permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG).
Jan Vergauwe, André Martinez, Alberto Ribas.

215 Summary/Abstract

An improved technique for the estimation of local frequency, fundamental component phasor and instantaneous symmetrical components.
José C. Ferreira, António P. Martins

217 Summary/Abstract

Effects of the circulating sheath currents in the magnetic field generated by an underground power line.
J.R. Riba Ruiz, X. Alabern Morera

220 Summary/Abstract

Power control of a variable speed wind turbine driving an DFIG.
D. Aouzellag, K. Ghedamsi, E.M. Berkouk

221 Summary/Abstract

Modelling of clustered distributed generation for economic requirements.
M. Neubert, G. Balzer

223 Summary/Abstract

The polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell as electric energy source, steady state and dynamic behavior
R. A. Costa, J. R. Camacho, S. C. Gu imarães Jr., and C. H. Salerno

226 Summary/Abstract

Cogeneration in electrical microgrids.
I. Zamora, J.I. San Martín, A.J. Mazón, J.J. San Martín, V. Aperribay, J.Mª. Arrieta

229 Summary/Abstract

Robust converter synchronization to a weak grid through a DFT-based Method.
António P. Martins, José C. Ferreira

231 Summary/Abstract

The influence of renewables and international trade on investment decisions in the grid of the future.
S. Cole, D. Van Hertem, L. Meeus, R. Belmans

236 Summary/Abstract

Variable speed turbine based wind farm including storage system connected to a power grid or islanded.
A. Davigny, B. Robyns


Low-cost orientation system for a concentrating solar collector with static reflector and tracking receiver
V. Martinez, B. Alorda, A. Moia, R. Pujol

242 Summary/Abstract

Sea energy conversion: Problems and possibilities.
G. Buigues, I. Zamora, A.J. Mazón, V. Valverde, F.J. Pérez

245 Summary/Abstract

FACTS devices in distributed generation.
Melchor Gómez, Oihane Abarrategui, Inmaculada Zamora

248 Summary/Abstract

Multiobjetive H2/H control of a pitch regulated wind turbine for mechanical load reduction.
Fabien Lescher, Jing Yun Zhao, André Martinez

250 Summary/Abstract

Evaluation of the renewable energy application in Mediterranean hotels: Case study the Balearic Islansd` hotels.
A. Moiá-Pol, Michalis Karagiorgas, V. Martínez-Moll, R.Pujol, Carles Riba-Romeva

251 Summary/Abstract

Power quality improvement of wind turbines using doubly-fed induction machines.
C. Saniter, R. Grune, A. Wood, R. Hanitsch

253 Summary/Abstract

Effect of using external vertical fins in phase change material modules for domestic hot water tanks.
Albert Castell, Cristian Solé, Marc Medrano, Joan Roca, Daniel García, Luisa F. Cabeza.

256 Summary/Abstract

Insulator pollution in transmission lines.
José A. Ramos Hernanz, José J. Campayo Martín, Joseba Motrico Gogeascoechea, Inmaculada Zamora Belver

257 Summary/Abstract

Prediction of the thermal behaviour of an office building using TRNSYS with proposal and evaluation of improvement actions.
R. Pujol-Nadal, V. Martínez-Moll, A. Moià-Pol

262 Summary/Abstract

Effect on power quality of the high power electric traction (Double domain computer simulation vs. site measurements).
András Dán , Péter Kiss

264 Summary/Abstract

Power market: effects of the imperfect competition.
Carlos Redondo Gil, Ana M. Alonso Sánchez, Luis A. Esquibel Tomillo, Álvaro Fernández Suárez.

267 Summary/Abstract

ATP prediction of voltage sag effect on sensitive loads.
J. Cardona, J. Barros

270 Summary/Abstract

DSP filter design for flexible alternating current transmission systems.
O. Abarrategui Ranero, M. Gómez Perez, D.M. Larruskain Eskobal

271 Summary/Abstract

Competition at an energy open market in the EU and its consecuences on the renewable energy segment.
O. Abarrategui Ranero, D.M. Larruskain Eskobal, M. Gómez Perez

273 Summary/Abstract

Using ultracapacitors in photovoltaic systems. A technical proposal.
José Antonio Domínguez Vázquez, Fernando Martínez Rodrigo, José Miguel Ruiz, Santiago Lorenzo Matilla

274 Summary/Abstract

Optimum PI controllers of active power filters for harmonic voltage mitigation in multibus industrial power systems.
Josef Tlustý, Viktor Valouch

276 Summary/Abstract

Interharmonics injected into power system by a squirrel-cage induction machine in normal and faulty operation conditions.
Jan Rusek

277 Summary/Abstract

Setting up a grid simulator.
A. Notholt, D. Coll-mayor, A. Engler

279 Summary/Abstract

Speed control of run-of-river variable speed hydro plants.
J. Fraile-Ardanuy, J.R. Wilhelmi, J. Fraile-Mora, J.I. Pérez, I. Sarasua

280 Summary/Abstract

Micro-grid powered by photovoltaic and micro turbine.
Ph. Degobert, S.Kreuawan, X. Guillaud

282 Summary/Abstract

A little plant of reverse osmosis fed by an isolated electrical system.
A. Pulido, N. Angulo, J. Romero, C. Quintana, M. Morán

285 Summary/Abstract

Comparison of energy potential of the eucalyptus globulus and the eucalyptus nitens.
S. Pérez, C.J. Renedo, A. Ortiz, M. Mañana, D. Silió, J. Peredo

287 Summary/Abstract

Power qualiy measurement of MV distribution system after connection of small power plant Jakusevec.
Mate Lasic, Marko Sporec, Irena Klaric

292 Summary/Abstract

Analysis of state of MV distribution system before and after connection of small wind farm Ravna1
Toni Dropulic, Mate Lasic, Jandro Simic

293 Summary/Abstract

Technique-economical viability of repowering of small hydroelectric power plant considering the social insert and environmental preservation.
Oscar A. Maldonado, Paulo A. Panuncio, Dinara F. Silva, José Luz Silveira

295 Summary/Abstract

Short-term prediction of the power generation of wind turbines.
A. Székely, T. Barbarics

296 Summary/Abstract

Power transmission capacity upgrade for overhead lines.
D.M. Larruskain, I. Zamora, O. Abarrategui, A. Iraolagoitia, M.D. Gutiérrez, E. Loroño, F. de la Bodega

297 Summary/Abstract

Comparison of the effect of output filters on the total harmonic distortion of line current in voltage source line converter - simulation study.
Pasi Peltoniemi, Riku Pöllänen, Markku Niemelä, Juha Pyrhönen

299 Summary/Abstract

Gas based steady state analysis of parallel-operated three phase self-excited induction generators
A.I. Alolah, M.A. Alkanhal

400 Summary/Abstract

The impact of induction generator and PWM inverter with energy storage on weak grids.
H. Bludszuweit, J. A. Domínguez, M. García

401 Summary/Abstract

Pre-feasibility study of a grid connected wind-PV hybrid system with energy storage and power prediction.
Hans Bludszuweit, José Antonio Domínguez, José Luis Bernal

403 Summary/Abstract

Influence of wind generator in voltage dips.
E. Belenguer ,N. Aparicio, J.L. Gandía, S. Añó

405 Summary/Abstract

A performance comparision between brush and brushless doubly fed asynchronous generators for wind power systems.
R. Carlson, H. Voltolini, F. Runcos, P. Kuo-Peng

408 Summary/Abstract

Orthogonal decomposition of currents, power definitions and energy transmission in three-phase systems treated in the time domain.
Gorazd Štumberger, Boštjan Polajžer, Matej Toman, Drago Dolinar

410 Summary/Abstract

Field experiences in power quality problem solving in Spain.
Z. Larrabe, J.M. López, G. Rojas


The influence of harmonics from non-linear loads in the measuring transformers of electrical substations.
Oscar Armando Maldonado Astorga, José Luz Silveira, Julio Carlos Damato

416 Summary/Abstract

A simplified electrical model of small PEM fuel cell.
E. Andrea, M. Mañana, A. Ortiz, C. Renedo, L.I. Eguíluz, S. Pére, F. Delgado

418 Summary/Abstract

Implementation of a voltage sag characterization based on a DSP platform.
A. Ortiz, M. Mañana, F. Ortiz, C. J. Renedo, F. Delgado, L.I. Eguiluz

426 Summary/Abstract

Study of an ordinary home electrical consumption in order to make it more energy-efficient.
António Manuel L. Quadros Flores

427 Summary/Abstract

High energy efficiency test system for induction heating generators.
V. Esteve, J. Jordán, E.J. Dede, E. Sanchis-Kilders, E. Maset

430 Summary/Abstract

Performance analysis of wind resource assessment programs in complex terrain.
A. Llombart, A. Talayero, A. Mallet, A. Pera, E. Telmo

431 Summary/Abstract

Hysteresis controller based on a circular error area table applied to a variable speed renewable energy system.
J. F. Sanz, J. Sallán, M.A. Alonso, M. Sanz, J. L. Villa

432 Summary/Abstract

Development of a low-harmonic vector hysteresis current controller.
J. F. Sanz, J. Sallán, M. Alonso, M. Sanz, J. L. Villa

435 Summary/Abstract

Analysis by finite element method of the crosstalk errors associated to the geometrical parameters for current transducers.
F.J. Arcega, J.S. Artal; J. Letosa, A. Usón

439 Summary/Abstract

Proyect and current energy situation in the Basque Country
E. Zulueta, L. Gutierrez, I. Manero

442 Summary/Abstract

Analysis of the power production of a wind farm with consumption associated for desaled water for agriculture, in Gran Canaria.
A. Pulido, N. Angulo, J. Romero, C. Quintana, L. Darias

444 Summary/Abstract

Fault tolerant shunt active power filter: topology reconfiguration using optimised fault detection algorithm.
H. El Brouji, P. Poure, M.C. Benhabib, S. Saadate

445 Summary/Abstract

Comparative efficiency of switched reluctance and induction motor drives for slowly varying loads.
P. Andrada, B. Blanqué, J.I. Perat, M. Torrent, E. Martinez, J.A. Sánchez

447 Summary/Abstract

Legislative tendency to incorporate renewable energy in the Spanish Electric Power Production Market.
Mabel Gámez, Ricard Bosch

449 Summary/Abstract

Mathematical approach to THD optimisation in multilevel convertors.
A. Jan Iwaszkiewicz, B. Jacek Perz

452 Summary/Abstract

3D unsteady flow simulation in an OWC wave converter plant
A. El Marjani, F. Castro, M. Bahaji, B. Filali

455 Summary/Abstract

Optimisation of renewable energy system.
K. Mitchell, M. Nagrial, J. Rizk

463 Summary/Abstract

A dynamic model based on a network of magnetically coupled reluctances for asyncrhonous motor fault analysis.
F. Pedrayes, C.H. Rojas, M.F. Cabanas, M.G. Melero, G.A. Orcajo, J.M. Cano

466 Summary/Abstract

A three-phase grid-connected inverter for photovoltaic applications using fuzzy MPPT.
Jaime Alonso-Martínez, Santiago Arnaltes

469 Summary/Abstract

Energy management of stand-alone power systems with renewable energy sources.
S. D`Arco, R. Rizzo, D. Coll-Mayor, P. Tricoli

470 Summary/Abstract

Torque fluctuation and critical clearing time in wind power generation by induction machines.
Luigi Piegari, Renato Rizzo, Debora Coll-Mayor

473 Summary/Abstract

Frontier methodology to fix quality goals in electrical energy distribution companies.
R. Ramirez, A. Sudrià, A. Sumper, J. Bergas, R. Villafáfila

475 Summary/Abstract

Influence of the power quality instrument class on the accurate of the PQ measurement.
Manuel Pérez-Donsión, Santiago Álvarez-Lorenzo

480 Summary/Abstract

A future micro-grid implementation based on renewable distributed resources for a clean green energy production.
F. Marín, A.B. Rey, A. Guerrero, F. de A. Ruz

483 Summary/Abstract

Internalisation of externalities in the Spanish power generation sector. Impact of the national plan of allocation of emissions in the cost of generation.
F. Delgado, A. Ortiz, C.J. Renedo, M. Mañana, F. Ortiz, L.I. Eguiluz

485 Summary/Abstract

Preliminary steady state and dynamic analysis of a microgrid system
A. Madureira, C. Moreira, J. Peças Lopes

488 Summary/Abstract

Optimization of photovoltaic solar electric power for renewable energy generation and DSM strategies in singular apartment buildings.
J.C. Sáenz-Díez Muro, J.M. Blanco-Barrero, E. Jiménez-Macías, M. Pérez de la Parte, J.I. Latorre Biel

490 Summary/Abstract

SolAgua, a non static compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) for residential and service buildings.
P. Gata Amaral, E. Ribeiro, R. Brites, F. Gaspar

491 Summary/Abstract

AEROSOL - a micro-scale domestic autonomous solar Photovoltaic and wind power generation unit in an urban environment.
F.T. Oliveira, E. Ribeiro, P. Ferreira