Power Quality Analysis for a PV Plant in Uruguay

D. Giacosa, D. Bentancur, I. Lussich, G. Abal, L. Valevici, A. Pardo



In this paper is presented the procedure adopted by UTE to study the impact of new Photovoltaic (PV) plants connected into the distribution grid. The studies presented focus on harmonic and flicker emissions. In both cases, international standards are used to estimate emissions in the connection node based on data given by the inverter manufacturers. After this, field measure-ments are performed first before the new PV plant is connected to evaluate the previous state of the grid, and then after the PV plant is connected, to evaluate the actual impact of the plant. All the measurements and the estimated values obtained in the first stage are compared to the limits provided also by international standards.
The aim of this paper is to present a real case of the first 8MW PV plant connected to the 31,5kV network in Uruguay, along with the standards and criteria adopted. Finally, a brief comparison
between theoretical and real values and their limits is presented.

Published in: Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ),Vol. 1, Nº. 14
Pages:708-713 Date of Publication: 2016/5/20
ISSN: 2172-038X Date of Current Version:2016/5/4
REF:436-16 Issue Date: May 2016
DOI:10.24084/repqj14.436 Publisher: EA4EPQ

Authors and affiliations

D.Giacosa(1), D.Betancur(1), L.Lussich(2), G.Abal(2), L.Valevici(2), A. Pardo(2)
1. Engineer of Planning and Distribution Studies. UTE. Montevideo. Uruguay
2. Distribution Power Quality Studies. UTE. Montevideo. Uruguay

Key words

Harmonic Emission, Flicker Emission, Distributed Generation, Photovoltaic Power Plant, Field Measurements


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