Energy Efficiency and Distributed Generation: Case Study

A. F. Ferreira, J. L. Domingos, T. P. Sousa, M. L. S. Miguel, P. H. Franco, E. G. Domingues, A. J. Alves, W. P. Calixto



The challenges and opportunities of the Brazilian electric sector show the necessity of the diversification of the energy matrix with other renewable energy sources, to attend the growing demand and improving energy security. In this context, energy efficiency and distributed generation represent an important purpose to meet the challenges related to the growing consumption of electricity in Brazil and to mitigate its impacts. The emphasis given in this work is the preparation of a project of energy efficiency with the implementation of a photovoltaic plant in a teaching and research institution, subject to the guidelines established by the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL. The results show that the energy saved and the reduction in peak demand, as well as the installation of the photovoltaic plant, will make the facility self-sufficient and result too improvement in the power quality parameters.

Published in: Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ),Vol. 1, Nº. 14
Pages:764-769 Date of Publication: 2016/5/20
ISSN: 2172-038X Date of Current Version:2016/5/4
REF:448-16 Issue Date: May 2016
DOI:10.24084/repqj14.448 Publisher: EA4EPQ

Authors and affiliations

A. F. Ferreira(1,2), J. L. Domingos(1), T. P. Sousa(2), M. L. S. Miguel(2), P. H. Franco(2), E. G. Domingues(1), A. J. Alves(1), W. P. Calixto (1)
1. Graduate Program in Sustainable Process Technology Federal Institute of Education,
Science and Technology of Goiás (IFG). Goiânia-GO. Brasil
2. CELG Distribution- Goiás. Brazil

Key words

Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation, Photovoltaic Generation, Power Quality.


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