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Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal, Vol.1, No.10, April 2012


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Paper Certificate

General Properties of Approaches Maximizing Power Yield in Thermo-Chemical Systems
Stanislaw Sieniutycz
Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at Warsaw TU. Poland




Paper Certificate

Self-Extinguishing Faults in MV Cable Networks - Feasibility Study of Fault Prediction
Fabian Koehler(1), Sjef Cobben(2), Frans Provoost(1)
1. Alliander. The Netherlands
2. Alliander. The Netherlands Eindhoven, University of Technology




Paper Certificate

A Novel Power Quality Monitor Placement Method Using Adaptive Quantum-Inspired Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
A. A. Ibrahim, A. Mohamed, H. Shareef
Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering. University Kebangsaan Malaysia




Paper Certificate

Experimental study of thermal and vibrational behaviour of an induction motor
D. García(1), F. T. Oliveira(1,2,3), G. Peláez(4), M.P. Donsión(1)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering, EII, University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain
2. Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal
3. Institute for Systems and Computers Engineering at Coimbra,Coimbra, Portugal
4. Department of Mechanical Engineering, EII, University of Vigo




Paper Certificate

Dimension and Production of a turbine Type Francis
Elmo Thiago Lins Cöuras Ford(1), Ana Catarina Mendes Barradas(2), José Ubiragi de Lima Mendes(3), Rubens Maribondo do Nascimento(3)
1.Universidade do Porto / Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte.
2.Universidade de Coimbra. Portugal
3.Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN. Brazil




Paper Certificate

Adjustment in the Least Square Meaning of a Neural Model for Electric Arc Quenching in High Voltage Circuit Breakers
A. Ziani, H. Moulai
Laboratory of Electrical and Industrial Systems, FEI,USTHB. Algiers




Paper Certificate

SMART GRID framework for Pakistan” Perception to practicality
Arjumand Samad
Electrical Engineering Department NED University of Engineering and Technology. Pakistan




Paper Certificate

Investigation of the stall delay of a 5kW horizontal axis wind turbine using numerical method
Hsiao Mun Lee, Leok Poh Chua  
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Nanyang Technological University. Singapore




Paper Certificate

Comparative study of the opportunity to use Renewable Energy Sources to supply
Residential Consumers

F. D. Surianu, I. Borlea, D. Jigoria-Oprea, B. Lustrea
Department of Power Engineering ”Politehnica” University of Timisoara. Romania




Paper Certificate

Performance analysis of Euro-zone energy companies
Valdir de J. Lameira(1), Silvano Vergura(2), Osvaldo L. G. Quelhas(3), Roberto G. Pereira(4)
1. Researcher at Energy Economics INESC Coimbra. Portugal
2. Department of Electrotechnics Politecnico di Bari. Italy
3. Federal Fluminense University, TEC/MSG. Brazil
4. Federal Fluminense University, TEM/PGMEC/MSG. Brazil




Paper Certificate

Energy conservation using high-efficiency electric motors
Sergio Roberto Jardim, Gilmar Barreto
State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, FEEC. Department of Machine Components and Smart Systems - DMCSI  Brazil




Paper Certificate

Computational Simulation versus Scale Model to determine the Optimal Shape of Tension Structures for the use of Sunlight in Road Tunnels
L.M. Gil-Martín(1), A. Peña-García(2), R. Escribano(3), A. Espín-Estrella(2)
1. Department of Structural Mechanics. ETSICCP, University of Granada. Spain
2. Department of Civil Engineering. ETSICCP, University of Granada. Spain
3. Department of Graphical Expression in Architecture and Engineering. ETSIE, University of Granada. Spain




Paper Certificate

Development of a Monte Carlo simulation tool in order to minimize polluting gases emissions in presence of wind power under cost and load covering constraints
F. Vallée(1), C. Versèle(2), J. Lobry(2)  F. Moiny(1)
1. Department of General Physics Faculté Polytechnique, University of Mons.Belgium
2. Department of Electrical Power Engineering Faculté Polytechnique, University of Mons. Belgium




Paper Certificate

CFD simulations for investigating the wake states of a new class of tidal turbine
Mulualem G. Gebreslassie, Gavin R. Tabor, Michael R. Belmont
College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. University of Exeter. United Kingdom




Paper Certificate

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Analysis for Biogas Power Plants
Wolfgang Bauer(1), Stefan Bauer(2), Thomas Bauer(1)
1. Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University. USA
2. CPM Biogas GmBH & Co KG, Nidderau, Germany




Paper Certificate

Effect of Superconducting  Fault Current Limiters on Successful Interruption of Circuit Breakers
M. Firouzi (1) , S. Aslani(1), G. B. Gharehpetian(2) , A. Jalilvand (3)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad University,  Abhar. Iran
2. Electrical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran. Iran
3. Electrical Engineering Department, University of Zanjan. Iran




Paper Certificate

Frequency Variations of Power System Due to Switching of Renewable Energy Sources
W. L. Fuchs , E. F. Fuchs
University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Boulder, Colorado. USA




Paper Certificate

Wind building design
M, Martínez, A. Pulido, J. Romero, N. Angulo, C. Roca
Department of Electrical Engineering Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.  Spain




Paper Certificate

Control Strategies for a Power Electronic Based Fault Current Limiter (FCL) in No-Fault Operation
Manuel Weiland, Christoph Hahn, Gerhard Herold
Institute of Electrical Power Systems, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Germany

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