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Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal, Vol.1, No.15, April 2017






From Time-to-Frequency Domain SMPS Model for Aggregated Harmonic Estimation
Gabriel Malagon-Carvajal, Jeisson Bello-Penay, Gabriel Ordonez-Plataz, Cesar Duartex

Department of Electric, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering
Universidad Industrial de Santander. Bucaramanga. Colombia


Numerical Investigations of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Variable Pitch
F. Frunzulica(1,2), C. Olteanu(3),  A. Dumitrache(2)  D. Crunteanu(1)

1. Department of Aerospace Engineering.  POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest Romania
2. "Gh. Mihoc-C. Iacob" Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics, Bucharest. Romania
3. Turbomecanica S.A.Bucharest. Romania




Approach to the Modeling of LDO-Assisted DC-DC Voltage Linear Regulators
Nasima Sedaghati, Herminio Martínez-García, Jordi Cosp-vilella

Eastern Barcelona School of Engineering. (Escuela de Ingeniería de Barcelona Este, EEBE). Department of Electronics Engineering. Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). BarcelonaTech. Spain




Course on Renewable Energies for Energy Engineering Students in the Framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
Herminio Martínez-García, Jordi Cosp-Vilella

Eastern Barcelona School of Engineering (Escuela de Ingeniería de Barcelona Este – EEBE). Department of Electronics Engineering. Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). BarcelonaTech. Spain




Compensation of Voltage Harmonics for LCL-filtered Inverters in Islanded Microgrids
R. Ghanizadeh(1), M. Ebadian(1),  G. B. Gharehpetian(2)

1. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birjand. Iran B
2. Electrical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran. Iran




Intelligent Transmitter of Field (ITF) Based on Microcontroller for Data Acquisition in PV Solar Plants
Herminio Martínez-García, Encarna García-Vílchez

Eastern Barcelona School of Engineering (Escuela de Ingeniería de Barcelona Este, EEBE).  Department of Electronics Engineering. Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). BarcelonaTech. Spain




Forklifts, Automated Guided Vehicles and Horizontal Order Pickers in Industrial Environments. Energy Management of an Active Hybrid Power System based on Batteries, PEM Fuel Cells and Ultracapacitors
J.S. Artal-Sevil, J.L. Bernal-Agustín, R. Dufo-López,  J.A. Domínguez-Navarro

Department of Electrical Engineering. EINA Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura. University of Zaragoza. Spain




Assessment of Harmonic Contribution of a Photovoltaic Installation Based on Field Measurements
Morteza Pourarab, Jan Meyer, Robert Stiegler

Institute of Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
Technische Universitaet Dresden. Germany




Network Usage Tariff (NUT) structure and vision in Hungary in consideration of renewable generation trends
 I. Vokony  

Department of Electric Power Engineering. Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Hungary




Nonlinear Control Structure of Grid Connected Modular Multilevel Converters
A. Hajizadeh(1), L.E.Norum(2), A. Ahadpour Shal(3)

1. Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University. Denmark
2. Department of Electrical Power Engineering. Norwegian University of Science And Technology.
    Trondheim. Norway
3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. RWTH-Aachen University. Germany




The Impact of the Air-Conditioning Systems on the Urban Microclimate of Beirut City
Z. Ghaddar, K. Ghali, N. Ghaddar

Department of Mechanical Engineering. FEA, American University of Beirut. Lebanon




Optmisation of bipolar plate through computational fluid dynamic simulation and  modelling using nickle open pore cellular  foam material
Tabbi Wilberforce(1), Ahmed Al Makky(1), A. Baroutaji(2), Rubal Sambi(1), A. G. Olabi(1)

1. Institute of Engineering and Energy Technologies, University of the West of Scotland. United Kingdom
2. Cork Institute of Technology, Department of Process, Energy and Transport Engineering. United Kingdom




New Control Algorithms for Microgrids Based on Microturbines
I. Leibar, I. Zamora, P. Eguia, J.I. San Martin

Department of Electrical Engineering. University of Basque Country - UPV/EHU. Bilbao. Spain




Analysis of the insertion of solar Photovoltaic generation in large consumers of Rio de Janeiro: A Case Study
Nogueira, P.C.(1), Souza, C. R.(2)

1. Civil Engineering Department
2. Electrical Engineering Department. PUC-Rio, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil




Design and Prototype of a Micro Hydrokinetic Vertical Turbine
A.M. Ramirez Tovar(1), Y.U. Lopez(2), S.Laín(2)

1. Renewable Energy for All-Foundation. Cali, Colombia
2. Autonoma de Occidente University, Department of Energetic and Mechanic, Cali. Colombia




Energy efficiency strategies to improve productivity and competitiveness of the EU countries
A. Martínez, S. Valero, C. Senabre,  E. Velasco

Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. E.T.S.I.I., Miguel Hernandez University Elche, Alicante. Spain




Solar belt supplies electricity for the World
Péter Kádár

Óbuda University. Dept. of Power Systems, Alternative Energy Sources Knowledge Centre. Budapest. Hungary




Prospectes of wind power generation in Jordan: the case of street lighting
S. Sawalha

Faculty of Engineering Technology. Al-Balqa’ Applied University. Amman




Propulsion Subsystem On Low Cost Electric Vehicles Using Common Large Scale Industrial Equipment
Claudinilson A. Luczkiewicz, César D. Paredes Crovato

Department of Electrical Engineering. Universidade Vale do Rio dos Sinos
Campus of São Leopoldo; Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil




Passive Series-Parallel Compensator for Non-sinusoidal Power System
Seong-Jeub Jeon

Department of Electronic Engineering. Pukyong National University. Busan. Korea

Molten salt based nuclear-renewable energy system with thermal storage
G. Maronati, B. Petrovic

Georgia Institute of Technology. Atlanta USA