International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality

Conference Dinner

We try to select the best places for the Conference Dinner, that is optional, with a good menus and usually we select some group of tipical dances, violinist, etc, and sometimes we deliver one litle present for the participants.

ICREPQ'24 Conference Dinner

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Plaza Federico Moyúa, 2

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ICREPQ'23. Hotel Preciados
303 292 282 293
ICREPQ'22. Parador de Baiona
161 166 178 215
ICREPQ'21. Restaurante Club de Mar
98 101 100 105
ICREPQ'20. Restaurante Los Patos
232 230 228 225
ICREPQ'19. Restaurante La Laguna
ICREPQ'18. Casino de Salamanca
ICREPQ'17. Restaurant Real Club Mediterráneo
ICREPQ'16. Casino de Madrid
ICREPQ'15. Opera Palace
ICREPQ'14. Real Circulo de la Amistad
ICREPQ'13. Restaurant Hotel Carlton
ICREPQ'12. Parador "Hostal dos Reis Catolicos"
ICREPQ'11. Restaurant "Hotel Santa Catalina"
ICREPQ'10. Restaurant "Hotel AC Palacio de Santa Paula"
ICREPQ'09. Restaurant "Hotel Sorolla Palace"
ICREPQ'08. "El Gran Casino de Santander"
ICREPQ'07. "Cortijo El Esparragal"
ICREPQ'06. "Bahía Mediterráneo" Restaurant
ICREPQ'05. "Sella" Restaurant
ICREPQ'04. "Edificio de la Diputación Provincial"
ICREPQ'03. "El Castillo" Restaurant