19th International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'21)


Paper Presentation Form


There exist two forms of presentation of the papers, oraly or poster, with the same consideration and without any diference, neither in the ICREPQ-Memory with ISBN nor in the journal RE&PQJ with ISSN and in which all the articles selected take into account the definitive full papers will have the DOI. The RE&PQJ will be indexes by SCOPUS this year. Please fill up the Paper presentation form

Oral Presentations

Each speaker of an oral presentation, in-person or on-line, has an available time of 15 minutes (12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions) and must be in the session room 10 minutes before of the beginning of the session for to test the audiovisual equipment and for to exchange opinions with the Session Chairman. We suggest that the speakers of one oral presentation prepare their material in Power Point.

Poster Presentations

IN-PERSON. The posters must be numbered by the authors, on the up left corner, with the number of the paper and in face-to-face form it will be put, about 15 minutes before of the beginning of the session, on the pin board that you previously can chose and it must be take off 15 minutes after of the end of the session. The author(s) must be stay near the poster during the 45 minutes of the session duration for to answer all the questions that the audience or the chairmen could formulate. The maximum available surface for each poster will be 900 mm x 1500 mm (width x high). You must select your poster size take into account this maximum available surface (Perhaps an A0 size, 841×1189 mm, could be appropriate). Put on the pin board separated sheets of the paper are not allowed.

ON-LINE. The posters presented on-line must be numbered, on the up left corner, with the number of the paper and we suggest that the authors send us their posters in PDF format before July 1st. Then we will put the posters in the web and all the interested and registered people can send us questions about each of the posters that we will send to the authors for their answers and during their Poster Session the authors will have the opportunity of to present on-line the most relevant aspects of their reseach during 5 or 6 minutes and then the audience can make questions to each poster and the chairman of the session will organize the answers

There are not a poster template. The design of each poster is free and the author can do it like they want. In fact awards for the three best posters.

POSTER AWARDS. There will be awards for the most outstanding posters. In this edition of ICREPQ'21 we will deliver three awards (silver plate+diploma) to the three best posters.The awards will be based on the quality of the work reported and on the quality of the presentation. The poster awards will be announced and delivered during the Closing Session.


ICREPQ'21: from 28 to 30 of July, 2021