International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality - ICREPQ







Trends and Challenges of Sustainable Energy and Water Research in North Africa: Sahara Solar Breeder Concerns at the Intersection of Energy/Water
A. Boudghene Stambouli(1,2,3), Z. Khiat(1), S. Flazi(1), H. Tanemoto(2,4), M. Nakajima(3), H. Isoda(3), F. Yokoyama(4), S.Hannachi(2,4), K. Kurokawa(2,5), M. Shimizu(2,6), H. Koinuma(2,3,4,7)
1. University of Science and Technology of Oran, USTO-MB, Algeria
2. Sahara Soar Breeder Foundation (SSBF)
3. ARENA (Alliance for Research for North Africa), Tsukuba University. Japan
4. Nippon Pure Water Co. Ltd. Japan
5. Tokyo Institute of Technology. Japan
6. Seavac Corp. Ltd. Japan
7. Graduate School of Frontier Science, University of Tokyo. Japan




Study of defects in PV generators using image analysis techniques with Matlab
María José Pérez Regalado, Emilio Olías Ruiz, Plinio Jesús Pinzón.
Department of Electronics Technology, Carlos III University of Madrid. Spain




Micro hydro installation analysis in a wastewater treatment plant
H. Beltran(1), R. Vidal(1), L. Basiero(2), J.M. Santos (3), J.A.Basiero(3) E. Belenguer(1)
1. Department Industrial Systems Engineering and Design E.S.T.C.E. Universitat Jaume I
    Castelló de la Plana. Spain
2. Fomento Agrícola Castellonense S.A. (FACSA) Castelló de la Plana. Spain
3. Entidad Pública de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales de la Comunidad Valenciana (EPSAR). Spain




Fast and Accurate Frequency Estimation for Renewable Energy Systems using Maximum Decay Sidelobes Windows
Dariusz Kania, Józef Borkowski, Janusz Mroczka
Department of Electronics, Chair of Electronic and Photonic Metrology, Wrocław University of Technology. Poland




Wind speed distributions in the Italian coasts
T. Soukissian(1), F. Karathanasi(1), F. Falcieri(2)
1. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. Institute of Oceanography. Anavyssos. Greece
2. CNR - ISMAR .Venezia. Italia




Improving Energy Efficiency and  Green Economy in Africa: Have we lost the Poverty Argument?
S.I. Eneje(1), M.Mkpado(2), A.A.Jimoh(3)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Nigeria
2. Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Etiki State. Nigeria
3. Rand Water Professorial Chair in Electrical Engineering. Tshwane University of Technology, 
    Pretoria. South Africa




Measurements and Evaluation of Flicker in High Voltage Networks
M. H. Albadi(1), A. S. Al Hinai(1), A. H. Al-Badi(1), M. S. Al Riyami(2), S. M. Al Hinai(1), R. S Al Abri(1)
1. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). Sultanate of Oman
2. Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC)




Evaluation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms for Photovoltaic Electricity Generation in Kuwait
Mohamed A. El-Sayed (1), Steven Leeb(2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering. College of Engineering and Petroleum, Kuwait University. Kuwait
2. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. MIT, Cambridge. USA




Detection of gaseous pollutants emitted from powered engine by biodiesel and diesel mixtures
A. M. Rocha(1), M. P. P. Castro(1), M. S. Sthel(1),  G. A. Mothé(1), V. H. Pérez(2), M. G. Silva(1), H. Vargas(1)
1. Laboratório de Ciências Físicas, CCT
2. Laboratório de Tecnologia dos Alimentos, CCTA
    Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro. Brazil




Proposal of a Thermoelectric Microgenerator based on Seebeck Effect to Energy Harvesting in Industrial Processes
Ando Junior, O.H.(1,2),Ferro,J.L(1), Izidoro, C.L.(1,2), Maestrelli, E(1,2), Spacek, A.D.(1,2), Mota, J.M.(1,2), Malfatti, C.F.(2), Schaeffer, L.(2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering SATC, Beneficent Association of Santa Catarina Coa Industry. Brazil
2. School of Engineering UFRGS, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil




Predicting global solar radiation for North Algeria
Laidi Maamar(1,2), Hanini Salah(2), Cheggaga Nawal(1), Nadjemi Omar(1)
1. Saad Dahlab University of Blida, Road of Soumaa, Blida. Algeria
2. LBMPT, Dr. Yahia Fares University of Médéa. Algeria




Modeling, Control and Optimization of a Small Scale CHP System in Island operating Mode based on Fuzzy logic controller
M.F. Elsied(1,2), A. Oukaour(1), H. Gualous(1), Y. Slamani(1), R. Hassan(2), A.Amin(2)
1. Lusac laboratoire. Université of Caen Basse- Normandie. France
2. Electrical Power and Machines Department.Helwan University, Faculty of Engineering
    Cairo. Egypt




The Study of the Performance of the Solar Chimney Power Plant in the Region of M’Sila, Algeria
Samir Djimli, Abla Chaker
Energy Physics Laboratory. Department of Physique, University of Mentouri Constantine. Algeria




Renewable Energy Cycle with Magnesium and Solar-Energy-Pumped Lasers
T. Yabe(1,2), Y. Suzuki(2), Y. Satoh(2)
1. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences.Tokyo Institute of Technology. Japan
2. Energy Genesis Cycle(EGC) Inc. and EEGC-USA Inc. Tokyo. Japan




Electrification of Loaders and Trucks – A Step Towards More Sustainable Underground Mining
Jacek Paraszczak(1), Erik Svedlund(2), Kostas Fytas(1), Marcel Laflamme(1)
1. Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Université Laval, Quebec City,  Canada
2. Atlas Copco Tock Drills AB. Sweden




PVLab: an innovative and flexible simulation tool to better size photovoltaic units
Z. Ren, S. Jacques, S. Bissey, A. Caldeira, A. Schellmanns, N. Batut
University of Tours, GREMAN UMR-CNRS. France




Solar energy and photovoltaic: technical background and basics knowledge teaching using an innovative Solar Production Simulator
S. Jacques(1), Z. Ren(1), A. Schellmanns(1), T. Jacques(2), E. Pluvinet(2), A. Caldeira(1), N. Batut(1)

1. University of Tours, GREMAN UMR-CNRS. Polytech Tours, Electronics and Energy Department. France
2. Freevolt SARL. France




Modelling the Propagation of Underwater Acoustic Signals of a Marine Energy Device Using Finite Element Method
Oshoke W. Ikpekha, Felipe Soberon, Stephen Daniels
Energy and Design Lab, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University. Ireland




Proposal of a Hybrid System for Solar and Photovoltaic for Lighting Low Cost
Ando Junior, O. H(1,2), Rosa, H. B(1), Spacek, A. D.(1,2), Malfatti, C. F.(2), Schaeffer, L.(2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering, SATC, Beneficent Association of Santa Catarina Coal Industry. Brazil
2. School of Engineering. UFRGS, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil




Modular buck-boost transformerless grid-tied inverter for low voltage solar panels
Hugo Nunes(1), Nelson Pimenta(1), Luís Fernandes(1), Paulo Chaves(1,2), J.M. Dores Costa(2)
1. INESC-INOV. Lisbon. Portugal
2. Escola Superior Nautica I. D. Henrique, Marine Engineering Department, Oeiras. Portugal