International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality - ICREPQ




Estimate of Sustainable Production for the Development of Biogas Systems from Animal Biomass
D. H. da Silva , E. Di Mauro

Laboratório de Fluorescência e Ressonância Paramagnética Eletrônica (LAFLURPE)  CCE, State University of Londrina, Londrina. Brazil



DC protection in modern HVDC networks: VSC-HVDC and MTDC systems
G. Buigues, V. Valverde, D.M. Larruskain, P. Eguía, E. Torres

Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, UPV/EHU. Spain



Optimal Voltage Sags Monitoring Considering Different Loading Profiles in Distribution Systems
T. R. Kempner(1), F. A. Mourinho(1), F. B. Bottura(1), M. Oleskovicz(1), J. C. M. Vieira(1),  J. R. Lima Filho(2)

1. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. University of São Paulo-São Carlos School of Engineering. Laboratório de Sistemas de Energia Elétrica. Brazil
2. Research, Development and Energetic Efficiency Managment. Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí - EDPI. Brazil



A comparative analysis of loss current obtained by measuring circuits used in studies of degradation power cables
Fernando Nogueira de Lima, Antônio de Pádua Finazzi, Bismarck Castillo Carvalho, Iago de Moura Faria, Gabriela Pessoa Campos

Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), Electrical Engineering Department - Cuiabá. Brazil



Wind flow around a wind turbine system over hilly terrain and its environmental effects: wind tunnel tests
M. Jiménez-Portaz, F.J. Bello-Millán, P. Folgueras, M. Clavero, M.A. Losada

Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA). CEAMA - University of Granada. Spain



Different LC power filter topologies - effectiveness of reducing voltage distortion
Chamberlin Stéphane Azebaze Mboving, Zbigniew Hanzelka, Andrzej Mondzik

AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow. Poland


309 Smart switchboards positioning in microgrids
Alexandre Junqueira Barbosa Vianna, Reinaldo Castro Souza, Rodrigo Flora Calili

Electrical Engineering Departament Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio De Janeiro. - PUC Rio de Janeiro. Brazil  


Multi-Objective Optimal Operation Considering Voltage Stability for Unit Commitment
Masahiro Furukakoi(1), Tomonobu Senjyu(1), Toshihisa Funabashi(2)

1. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of the Ryukyus. Japan
2. Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS) NAGOYA UNIVERSITY. Japan


Voltage stability improvement of power system using a shunt capacitor
Masahiro Furukakoi(1), Tomonobu Senjyu(1),  Toshihisa Funabashi( 2)

1. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering University of the Ryukyus. Japan
2. Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS) NAGOYA UNIVERSITY. Japan



Short-term load forecasting using an Artificial Neural Network for Battery Energy Storage System
Hyang-A Park, Suel-Ki Kim, Jong-yul Kim, Jin-Wook Kim, Kyeng-Hee Cho, Eung-Sang Kim

Smart Distribution Research Center. Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute. Korea



Analysis of the oxygen scattering behaviour on ionomer surface in Catalyst Layer of PEFC
Masataka Nakauchi(1), Takuya Mabuchi(1), Ikuya Kinefuchi(2), Hideki Takeuchi(3), Takashi Tokumasu(4)

1. Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University ,Sendai, Miyagi. Japan
2. Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Japan
3. Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Kochi College. Japan
4. Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University. Japan



Mission Profile-Oriented Design of Battery Systems for Electric Vehicles in MATLAB/Simulink®
T. Debreceni(1), G. Gy. Balázs(2),  I. Varjasi(1)

1. Department of Automation and Applied Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest. Hungary
2. Siemens Zrt., Budapest. Hungary



Implementing intelligent technical systems into smart homes by using model based systems engineering and multi-agent systems
J. Michael, M. Hillebrand, B. Wohlers, C. Henke. R. Dumitrescu, , M. Meyer, A. Trächtler

Fraunhofer Project Group for Mechatronic System Design, Paderborn. Germany



Decentralized controltechniques for plug-in electric vehicles in MV/LV distribution networks.
J. García-Villalobos, I. Zamora, I. Junquera, J.I. San Martín, P. Eguía

Department of Electrical Engineering - University of Basque Country - UPV/EHU  Bilbao. Spain



Optimal Design and Operation of a PEMFC-based CHP System Connected to Grid
F.J. Asensio(1), J.I. San Martín(1), I. Zamora(2), J. García-Villalobos(2),  Pablo Eguía(2)

1. Department of Electrical Engineering. E.U.I.T.I. of Eibar, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Eibar. Spain
2. Department of Electrical Engineering. E.T.S.I. of Bilbao, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) Bilbao. Spain



Proposal the Use of Alternative Materials for Construction of an Alternative Low-Cost Sunlight Collecting System to Latin American Market
Spacek, A. D.(1,3), Santana, M. V. F de(4,5), Mota, J. M.(1,3), Biléssimo, L. D.(1), Ando Junior, O. H.(2), Malfatti, C. F.(3)

1. Departament of Mechanic and Automation  SATC, Beneficent Association of Santa Catarina Coal Industry. Criciúma-SC. Brazil
2. Departament of Renewable Energies UNILA, Federal University of Latin American Integration, Foz do Iguaçu-PR. Brazil
3. School of Engineering UFRGS, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre-RS. Brazil
4. Hidroelectric Power Plant. BAESA, Energética Barra Grande S/A. Florianópolis-SC. Brazil
5. Hidroelectric Power Plant . ENERCAN, Campos Novos Energia S.A. Florianópolis-SC. Brazil



Madrid biocity: biomass and bioenergy potential
J. Paredes-Sánchez

Department of Energy, School of Mining, Energy and Materials Engineering of Oviedo. University of Oviedo. Spain



Biomass supply to a coal power plant under sustainable development conditions
J. Paredes-Sánchez

Department of Energy, School of Mining, Energy and Materials Engineering of Oviedo. University of Oviedo. Spain



A hybrid solar panel maximum power point search method that uses light and temperature sensors in real shading conditions
J. Mroczka, M. Ostrowski
Electronic and Photonic Metrology. Wroclaw University of Technology. Poland



Numerical study of the cooling capacity of several alternative liquids in zig-zag cooling system of a power transformer
Agustín Santisteban, Fernando Delgado, Alfredo Ortiz, Inmaculada Fernández, Carlos J. Renedo

Department of Electrical and Energy Engineering. E.T.S.I. Industriales y de Telecomunicación, Cantabria University, Santander. Spain



A Generalized Coverage Matrix Method for Power Quality Monitor Allocation Utilizing Genetic Algorithm
D. P. S. Gomes(1), M. Oleskovicz(1), T. R. Kempner(1), J. R. Lima Filho(2)

1. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of São Paulo - Engineering School of São Carlos. Laboratory of Electrical Systems. Brazil
2. Eletrobrás Piauí Distribution - EDPI. Research Management, Development and Energy Efficiency - DRRD
   Teresina, PI. Brazil



Self-tuning Kalman filter and machine learning algorithms for voltage dips upstream or downstream origin detection
H. Shadmehr, R. Chiumeo,  L. Tenti

Ricerca sul sistema energetico RSE SpA Milano. Italy



Energy Storage Applications for Distribution Grid Support: Composition of Controlling Strategies and a Standardized Model
Istvan Taczi, Istvan Vokony

Department of Electric Power Engineering. Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest. Hungary