International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality - ICREPQ





Economic cost analysis for biodiesel production from food industry wastewater by oleaginous yeast via direct transesterification
Jiayin Ling, Renata Alves de Toledo, Yuan Tian,  Hojae Shim
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Faculty of Science and Technology. University of Macau. China




Testing EMC performances of Adjustable Speed Drives
M. I. Buzdugan, H. Bălan
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Romania




The road to nearly zero energy buildings. Case of study: Spain comparison between CTE HE 2006 and 2013 in a simulated
D. Carmona(1), D.De La Maya(1), A. García(2), L.A. Horrillo(1), A.M. Reyes(1)
1. Escuela de Ingenieros Industriales. Badajoz. Spain
 2. Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales. Badajoz. Spain




A Fault Detection method for pitch actuators faults in Wind Turbines
C. Tutivén, Y. Vidal, L. Acho,  J. Rodellar
Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Applied Mathematics-III (MA-3) Department, CoDAlab. Barcelona. Spain




Increase of Voltage Quality in Industrial Distribution Systems
M. Cernan,  Z. Muller,  J. Tlusty
Department of Electrical Power Engineering. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University Prague.  Czech Republic




 Metaheuristic approach to the Holt-Winters optimal short term load forecast
E.Eusébio, C. Camus, C. Curvelo
Department of Power Systems Engineering and Automation
ISEL, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. Portugal




Control of Battery Energy Storage System for Wind Turbine based on DFIG during Symmetrical Grid Fault
T. Riouch(1,2), R. EL-Bachtiri (2), A. Alamery(1) C. Nichita(1)
1. Groupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Automatique. GREAH Laboratory,
    University of Le Havre. France
2. LESSI laboratory, FSDM USMBA University REEPER Group, EST-Fez. Morocco




Identification of potential users of photovoltaic conversion
Do Carmo, D. L., Souza, C. R., Frota, N. M.
 Postgraduate Program in Metrology. Metrology for Quality and Innovation. Pontifical University. PUC-Rio, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeir. Brazil




Three- Phase Planar  Actuator´s Reduced Model Validation using Exploratory  Coils and Evaluation  Applying Somaloy 500 as Core Material
Neto J. M.(1), Sebastião, L.M(1), Spacek, A.D(1), Ferreira, C.A(1) Ando Junior, O.H(2) , Schaeffer, L.(3)
1. Department of Industrial Automation. SATC, Beneficent Association of Santa
    Catarina Coal Industry. Criciúma-Sc. Brazil
2. Department of Renewable Energies Engineering. UNILA, Federal University
    of Latin American Integration. Brazil
3. School of Engineering. UFRGS, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre-Rs. Brazil




New models related with heating and cooling of an old building in Évora (South of Portugal)
Mari Rosa Alves Duque
Department of Physics, School of Sciences and Technologies. Évora University. Portugal




Power Supply Issues in E-health Monitoring Applications
Alan Davidson(1), Neha Mathur(1), Ivan Glesk(1), Arjan Buis(2)
1. Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.Faculty of Engineering.
    University of Strathclyde. Glasgow. United Kingdom
 2. Dept. of Biomedical Engineering. Faculty of Engineering.University of Strathclyde. Glasgow. United Kingdom



A First Approach on the Fault Impedance Impact on Voltage Sags Studies
A. C. L. Ramos(1,4), A. J. Batista(2), R. C. Leborgne(3), E. G. Domingues(4), W. P. Calixto(1,4), A. J. Alves(4).
1. Program in Electronic Systems and Automation, University of Brasilia, Brazil
2. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Federal University of Goias
3. Department of Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
4. Nucleus of Studies Experimental and Technological, ElectrotechnicalDepartment- Federal Institute of Goias, Brazil


Fault detection in a three-phase system grid connected using SOGI structure to calculate vector components
C.X. Rocha(1), J.R. Camacho(1),  G.P. Viajante(2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering. FEELT, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. Minas Gerais. Brazil
2. Department of Industry. IFG, Instituto Federal de Goiás. Brazil




Calculation of involved energies in thermal plasma at the opening of high voltage breakers
A. Ziani, H. Moulai, A. Nacer
Laboratory of Electrical and Industrial Systems, FEI, USTHB, Algiers, Algeria.



Assessment of Power Level Variations in a Small PV System
P. Janik, Z. Waclawek, J. Rezmer
Department of Electrical Engineering. Wroclaw University of Technology. Poland




Assessment of biomass potential for Power Production
E. Mateos(1), J.M. Edeso(2)
1. Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. E.U.I.T.I., University of  the Basque Country. Bilbao. Spain
2. Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science. E.U.I.T.I., University of the Basque Country. Spain




Design and Analysis of Experiments for a PEM Fuel Cell Mathematical Modelling
A. Crăciunescu, C. L. Popescu, M. O. Popescu, L. Pătularu, M. Predescu
Department of Electrical Engineering. University ”Politehnica” of Bucharest.. Romania




Smart City, Sustainable Mobility, Home-Work Mobility: data analysis and Actions
Silvano  Vergura
Department of Electrical and information Engineering. Technical University of Bari. Italy




Experimental investigation on saturated critical heat flux of refrigerant R134a at high saturation temperatures
F. Botticella(1), F. De Rossi(1), R. Mastrullo(2), G.P. Vanoli(1), L. Viscito(2)
1. Department of Engineering. Sannio University. Benevento. Italy
2. Department of Industrial Engineering. Federico II University of Naples. Italy




Phasor Measurement Unit-Based Power Sharing for Optimal Decentralized Controller Design of Inverter-basedMicrogrid
M. A. Hassan(1,2),  M. A. Abido(3,4)
1. Research Institute, Center of Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran. Saudi Arabia
2. Electrical Engineering Dept., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals,  Dhahran. Saudi Arabia
3. Electrical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University,  Mansoura. Egypt
4. Electrical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, Shebin El-Kom. Egypt




Balancing of wind farm production via demand response in smart grids
D. Todorović, Ž. Đurišić
Department of Power systems. Faculty of Electrical Engineering. University of Belgrade .Republic of Serbia




Study of the current performance of the European power transformer fleet
F. Ortiz, C. Fernández, C. Olmo, J. Carcedo, C. Renedo, F. Delgado
Department of Electrical and Energy Engineering. E.T.S.I.I., Cantabria University Santander. Spain




Day-ahead Optimal Scheduling of Loads and Dispatchable Resources in a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid of an Industrial System
L. Alfieri, G. Carpinelli, D. Proto, G. Russo
Department of Electrical Engineering and of Information Technologies DIETI, University of Naples “Federico II”. Italy




Analysis of a Real Case of Ampacity Management in a 132 kV Network Integrating High Rates of Wind Energy
A. Madrazo(1), A. González(2), R. Martínez(1), R. Domingo(1), M. Mañana(1), A. Arroyo(1), P.B. Castro(1), D. Silió(1),  R. Lecuna(1)
1. Department of Electrical and Energy Engineering, University of Cantabria. Santander . Spain
2. E.ON Distribución. Santander. Spain




Preliminary Results of a Power Quality Survey in a Distribution Network Based on No-Gap PQ Meters
A. González(2), A. Madrazo(1), A. Laso(1), R. Martínez(1), R. Domingo(1), M. Mañana(1), A. Arroyo(1),  M.A. Cavia(1)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering,  E.T.S.I.I.T., University of Cantabria. Santander. Spain
2 E.ON Distribución.  Santander. Spain




Energy audit as an input for energy management and energy efficiency improvement in a gypsum manufacturing plant
H. Bernardo (1,2), F. Oliveira (1,2), L. Serrano (2,3)
1.  INESC Coimbra - Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra. Coimbra, Portugal.
2. School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. Leiria, Portugal
3. ADAI - Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics, LAETA.Coimbra, Portugal




Investigation and Understanding the Conditions of Power Transformer Internal Faults using On-line Technique
E. A. F. Aburaghiega, M. E. Farrag, D. M. Hepburn
School of Engineering & Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University. United Kingdom

Virtual Smart Network Cell
Péter Kádár
Óbuda University. Dept. of Power Systems, Alternative Energy Sources Knowledge Centre. Hungary