International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality - ICREPQ





The effect of substrate temperature on the active layer for spray-deposition process in organic solar cells
Jin-Ju Bae(1), Kyu-Jin Kim(1), Byoung-Ho Kang(1), Se-Hyuk Yeom(1), Dae-Hyuk Kwon(2), Hak-Rin Kim(3),Shin-Won Kang(3)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kyungpook National University, Daegu. Korea
2. School of Electronic Information and Communication Engineering, Kyungil University Republic of Korea
3. School of Electronics Engineering, College of IT Engineering, Daegu. Republic of Korea





Is it economically possible repowering wind farms. A general analysis in Spain
L. Castro(1), A. Filgueira(1), Mª A. Seijo(1), E. Muñoz(1), L. Piegiari(2)
1. Department of Industrial Engineering II University of A Coruña, Ferrol. Spain
2. Department of Electrical Engineering. Politecnico di Milano, Milan. Italy






Online thevenin’s equivalent using local PMU measurements
Sobhy M. Abdelkader
School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Queen`s University  Belfast. United Kingdom






Cell method and modified nodal method in eddy current electromagnetic problems
L. Simón Rodríguez, J.M. Monzón Verona
Department of Electrical Engineering,University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain







Fuzzy multi-agent based voltage and reactive power control
Bessie Monchusi, Adedayo Yusuff, Josiah Munda, Adisa Jimoh
Department of Electrical Engineering, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria .South Africa






Meat and bone meal as a renewable energy source in cement kilns: investigation of optimum feeding rate
W.K.H. Ariyaratne(1), M.C. Melaaen(1), Kristin Eine(2), L.A. Tokheim(1)
1. Department of Process, Energy & Environmental Technology ,Telemark University College, Porsgrunn. Norway
2. Norcem AS Brevic. Norway








Comparative study of biodiesel production from ethanol and babassu oil using mechanical agitation and ultrasounds
Eduardo J. Mendes de Paiva, Jayne Carlos S. Barboza, Maria Lucia Caetano Pinto da Silva, Heizir Ferreira de Castro, Domingos Sávio Giordani
Department of Chemical Engineering,School of Engineering of Lorena, University of São Paulo. Brazil






Optimization of the electric power generated by a brake of water
E. Martínez Prado, P. Lara Santillán, A. Falces de Andrés, M. Mendoza Villena, A. Yangüas Peña
Department of Electrical Engineering, E.T.S.I.I. La Rioja University, Logroño. Spain



Survey on knowledge based methods to assist fault restoration in power distribution networks
Youssef Oualmakran(1), Joaquím Meléndez(1), Sergio Herraiz(1), Mercedes López Perea(2), Eloy González(2)
1. Department of Informatics and Applications ,Research GroupeXiT, Girona University. Spain
2. Indra Software Labs, Madrid. Spain






Effect on rain on vertical axis wind turbines
B.C.Al(1), C. Klumpner(2), D.B. Hann(1)
1. Energy and Sustainability Division and Electrical Systems and Optics Division, University of Nottingham. United Kingdom
2. Electrical Systems and Optics Division, University of Nottingham. United Kigdom






Fault causes analysis in feeders of power distribution networks
Oscar A. Quiroga, Joaquim Meléndez, Sergio Herraiz
Institute of Informatics and Applications, University of Girona. Spain







Notes on the solar map of Asturias
J.I. Prieto J.C. Martínez García, D. García, R. Santoro
Department of Physics. University of Oviedo, Polytechnic School of Engineering, Gijón. Spain






Control with floating- and fixed- point DSPs of a low-cost flexible platform for a photovoltaics grid-connected system working as an agent in a distributed generation structure
Alexis B. Rey-Boué(1), F. Ruz Vila(2), José M. Torrelo(3), Salvador Subiela(3)
1. Departamento de Electrónica, Tecnología de Computadores y Proyectos, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Murcia. Spain
2. Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Murcia. Spain
3. Instituto de Tecnología Eléctrica (ITE), Valencia. Spain






High frequency modelling of cables in PWM motor drives by using polynomial functions based parameters
M.C Di Piazza, A. Ragusa, G. Vitale
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Studi sui Sistemi Intelligenti per L`Automazione, (ISSIA-CNR) Palermo. Italy






An integral and flexibles wireless power monitoring system
S. Blanc, P. Yuste, A. Lorente, J.J. Serrano
Department of Computer Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de València. Spain







Mechanically stacked solar cells for concentrator photovoltaics
Ian Mathews(1), Donagh O´Mahony(1), Weiwei Yu(1), Declan Gordan(1), Nicolas Cordero(1), Brian Corbett(1), Alan P. Morrison(1,2)
1. Tyndall National Institute UCC, Lee Maltings, Prospect Row, Cork. Ireland
2. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College, Cork. Ireland







Parallel-connected legs in a grid-tied inverter system for distributed generation
G.J. Capellá(1), J. Pou(1), J.Zaragoza(1), S. Ceballos(2), I. Gabiola(2), E. Robles(2)
1. Department of Electronical Engineering, Technical University of Catalonia, Terrassa. Spain
2. Tecnalia Technology Corporation, Energy Unit, Zamudio-Bizkaia. Spain






Prediction system based on domotic weather sensors for the energy production of solar power plants
Domingo Benítez, Carlos González Muñoz, José F. Medina
SIANI University Institute, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain   


The implementation of the low voltage ride-through curve on the protection system of a wind power plant
R.P.S. Leão(1), J.B. Almada(1), P.A. Souza(2), R.J. Cardoso(1), R.F. Sampaio(1), F.K.A. Lima(1), J.G. Silveira(2), L.E.P. Formiga(2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza. Brazil
2. Companhia Energética do Ceará, Fortaleza. Brazil


Doubly fed induction generador and convencional synchronous generator based power plants: operation during grid fault
M.C Salles(1), A.P. Grilo(2), J.R. Cardoso(1)
1. LMAG- Laboratory of Applied Electromagnetism, PEA-Polytechnic School, University of São Paulo. Brazil
2. Engineering, Modelling and Applied Social Science Center, Federal University of ABC, Great São Paulo. Brazil


Issues about monitoring the energy performance of a PV plants constellation
S. Vergura
Dipartimento di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica, Politecnico di Bari. Italy


Orientation system of solar panels based on a robot manipulator
Ahmed Chaïb, Dalila Acheli, Mohamed Kesraoui
Applied Control Laboratory, University of Boumerdes. Algeria


Cornice modular wind collector © for collection and amplification of the vertical wind component in buildings for generation of small wind electric energy
J.C. Sáenz Díez Muro(1), J.M. Blanco Barrero(1), E. Jiménez Macías(1), J. Blanco Fernández(2), M. Pérez de la Parte(2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering
2. Department of Mechanical Engineering. E.T.S.I.I., La Rioja University, Logroño. Spain   


Comparison in the aplication of the exploitation by optimal head model to hydroelectronic power station in run-of-the-river systems equipped with different types of turbines
J.M. Blanco Barrero(1), J.C. Sáenz Díez Muro(1), E. Jiménez Macías(1), J. Blanco Fernández(2), M. Pérez de la Parte(2)
1. Department of Electrical Engineering
2. Department of Mechanical Engineering. E.T.S.I.I., La Rioja University, Logroño. Spain



Large scale integration of wind power-influence of geographical allocation
L.Reichenberg L. Göransson, F. Johnsson, M. Odenberger
1. Department of Energy and Environmental Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg. Sweden



Analysis of current-bidirectional buck-boost based  switch-mode audio amplifier
Gert Bolten Maizonave(1), Michael A.E. Andersen(1), Claus Kjaergaard(1), Kristian L. Lund(2),Lars B.R. Hansen(2)
1.Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby. Denmark
2. Bang & Olufsen ICEpower a/s. Denmark