A Study on Wind Smoothing Control by Using Short-term Average Value through Detecting Wind Power Fluctuation Rate

Sang Heon Chae and Eel-Hwan Kim




In order to increase grid stability, there are some methods to reduce wind power fluctuation by using energy storage system (ESS). Operating time of ESS will determine its losses and the lifetime of batteries. From this point, this paper proposes a wind power smoothing control by calculating shortterm average value of wind power. In this case, the operation of ESS will be decided through detecting wind fluctuation rate during 60 seconds. It means that the ESS will not operate at small fluctuation of wind power which does not affect the grid stability. The effectiveness of proposed method will be verified by comparing the conventional method with the proposed method. The wind power data were measured by power quality analysis device from 15 MW wind farm in Jeju Island located in South of Korea peninsula. The simulation results are carried out by using Matlab program.

Published in: Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ, Nº. 15)
Pages: 276-280 Date of Publication: 2017/04/25
ISSN: 2172-038X Date of Current Version:
REF: 291-17 Issue Date: April 2017
DOI:10.24084/repqj15.291 Publisher: EA4EPQ

Authors and affiliations

Sang Heon Chae and Eel-Hwan Kim
Department of Electrical Engineering. Jeju National University. Republic of Korea

Key word

Energy storage system, Ramp rate control, Wind power fluctuation, Wind farm, Wind smoothing control


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