New Control Algorithms for Microgrids Based on Microturbines


I. Leibar, I. Zamora, P. Eguia, J.I. San Martin




This paper analyses the performance of a low-voltage microgrid, based on microturbines, and presents new control algorithms to improve the efficiency and reliability of microgrids. Due to the importance of islanding and focusing on the efficiency and the harness of the heat of the exhaust gasses in islanded operation mode, a new control algorithm has been developed. Additionally, a new control strategy is presented for the seamless transition between islanded and grid connected operation modes based on changing the control algorithms of the microturbines.
The new proposed control algorithms are tested by simulation using a low voltage network fed by 5 microturbines. Lasseter model is used to represent the dynamic behaviour of the microturbines. The paper shows the simulation results and the main conclusions of the validation process.

Published in: Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ, Nº. 15)
Pages: 893-898 Date of Publication: 2017/04/25
ISSN: 2172-038X Date of Current Version:

REF: 507-17

Issue Date: April 2017
DOI:10.24084/repqj15.507 Publisher: EA4EPQ

Authors and affiliations

I. Leibar, I. Zamora, P. Eguia, J.I. San Martin
Department of Electrical Engineering. University of Basque Country - UPV/EHU. Bilbao (Spain)

Key word

Microturbine, microgrid, control algorithm, combined heat and power, islanding.


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